Rendlesham Forest and the Co-ordinates

A brief survey of all the co-ordinates should give further information on the principle message emanating from the UFO to the world. A sound psychological assumption based on the depth psychology of C. G. Jung is that the message from this foreign visitor to Planet Earth would be compensatory to the ways and values of the current world culture, especially Western Culture. The value of such messages is that they add to our conscious values and attitudes so that we can live a more wholesome and fulsome life. The basic assumption is that this object with its symbolic messages, like symbolic dreams and visions, comes from the unconscious for purpose of being integrated to our present one-sided materialistic and highly technological consciousness for the sake of bringing some balance to consciousness and, another conscious worldview altogether.

The question is if each co-ordinate is simply duplicating the message of the other coordinates or are there unique messages or emphasis for each co-ordinate? In fact, although there are some similarities in the message, there are also differences, as well as differences in emphasis. In fact, the material drawn on to write this brief note is uneven in-depth and quality and the ground covered. Be that as it may, there does seem to be compensatory messages to the contemporary world that, when integrated to consciousness, would bring in a healthier, richer, more balanced, and fruitful culture and civilization.

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