In-Depth Reflections on What the Future Holds

This small book contains four Reviews that I made in the year 2020.  The first two include Book Reviews, one on Peter Kingsley and Catafalque, the other on Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet and The Chronicles of the Inner Chamber that were requested/suggested to me in close-proximity time wise, thus indicating the non-dual law of synchronicity was in play.  I completed the review on Kingsley’s book and then proceeded with the review of Norelli-Bachelet’s Chronicles. To do this review, which is exceptionally complex, I felt a need to summarize her Chronicles, which is also included.  Then I was encouraged to write a review of Gregory Shaw’s review of Kingsley’s book.

Recently, I have had inner promptings to put them together in a pamphlet or small book and this is the result.  Given the recent challenge to humanity of the Covid pandemic, I believe, these reviews could encourage studying the source material and, consequently, show the way to the future. The contemporary world is one-sidedly materialistic, whereas the future beckons for a world organized on spiritual and material values, so that spirit and matter unite.  That is the message of both Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, and Carl Jung.  That is the message we need to heed, so that the good Ship Earth is driven in the direction of healing and well-being, with our human participation.