Transference Counter-Transference and Jungian Depth Therapy

explore the nature of both transference and counter-transference from a Jungian depth-psychological perspective. There are basically two types of transferences, one neurotic requiring a casual-reductive approach to therapy and one based on the Self, having to do with the individuation process, which calls for a teleological or prospective approach to therapy. There are several different possible counter-transference responses, including the neurotic or illusory counter-transference, the concordant or syntonic and the complementary counter-transference. The illusory or neurotic counter-transference is based on the therapist’s neurosis and is a detriment to therapy.

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Consciousness Force Socially Constructed Reality and Therapy

In this essay I discuss the nature of consciousness and its relationship to force and socially constructed reality, along with the relevance for therapy. I argue that both consciousness and force permeate all levels of reality including socially constructed reality. From a causal perspective, however, I consider the argument that consciousness as a social product makes profound sense, and should be taken seriously. I also give an overview on the dominating social structure today, which is based on scientific materialism. From a human perspective it is defective, seriously limiting the consciousness and psychology of the individual.
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A Case Involving Transference Counter-Transference

In this paper I tentatively examine an ongoing analysis where the therapeutic process is coming closer to home and becoming more emotionally real to both the analysand and the therapist. The situation involves an unconscious erotic transference on the part of the analysand and an unconscious counter-transference response by the therapist. The analysand’s recent numinous dream, however, seems to have unveiled the archetypal pattern being played out in the inter-subjective imaginal field between them.

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