September 11

Six months after the tragedy of September 11, and in order to commemorate the lives that were lost, beginning March 11 and lasting until April 11, 2002, two searchlights are sending powerful beams of blue light from a lot next to ground “0” in lower Manhattan vertically into the sky over New York. This is known as a Tribute in Light memorial and is intended to show peace and order after the chaos around the events of September 11. This can be justifiably seen as a fitting way, using modern technology, for a nation to honour those who lost their lives during this horrific incident.

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The Diana Phenomenon

In this essay I discuss the death of Princess Diana and the emotional reaction to her death. A number of remarkable synchronicities surrounded her demise that makes it seem like a collective dream or myth. I discuss and amplify this phenomenon. I also discuss what appears to be unfolding in the future. From a psychological perspective there is a need for individuals to assimilate projections made on Diana and what she stood for in their imagination, that is to say Eros and feeling values.

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Jung on Religion, Gnosticism, His Encounter with the East, and Alchemy

In this paper I briefly survey the importance that Jung placed on the religious instinct, his life long engagement with Christianity, as well as his abiding interest in Gnosticism, his encounter with the East, and his discovery of the Grail tradition and alchemy. I also look at Jung’s observations on Nazism, his realization of the living God and concept of the unus mundus. Jung sees Christianity as an ailing religion in need of healing. From his studies of the East, he gains much supportive knowledge that affirms his own empirical findings and personal experiences.

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Gestures: The Do’s and Taboos of…

Whereas Subtext and Gestures are essentially about the same subject, body language, the treatment in each case is quite different. Julius Fast, author of Subtext, emphasizes hidden meaning. Encouraging the reader to be aware of subtle cues in order to master situations and to communicate more effectively in order to ensure that one’s gestures are in congruence with one’s will.

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